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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Been long since i updated my blog..

School started since july...been busy working, studying and doing assignments.
Busy Busy Busy till very very stress...... but need to find time to relax and stretch out .....

The year has nearly come to the end...gg to 2010...older ...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Degree classes just started last weekend...Stress arising when class started on last sat...Having 4 days classes last day of class have health assessment test. stress over classes... woke up at 4 plus in the mrng though i slept ard 12am. Woke up early to meet karen for breakfast, a cup of coffee from dearest mama every mrng wakes me up.

Having Class at SGh health promtion...Does nt feel nice...having class at the same place tat we are working..Nt nice coz we don knw wat to makan for lunch. Sian...

4 days of classes stuck together really makes me feel stress as i had nt touch a textbook for 5 years after Poly Grad..

Ytd we did manage to pass our health assessment Practical Test with Good results although it consists of 25% of the whole paper. The 2 lecturers are nice and good ...Really like them. Need to rush the assignment paper but i stuck on the 1st question liao le. Fri got 3 hours examination papers at home with open book... StreSS...

trying to relieve stress by watching Jap drama..bought My handsome butler And 33 min of crime..Gg to start watching.

Tom need to go back to NYp to get my textbook though. Sian
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A lot of things had been gg on...

Friends' relationship problems...My own problems and my Degree course is starting soon... Super stress..

Trying to relax my mind thru toking rubbish online...venting to frens...and finding ways to relieve my own stress..eg shopping, reading my storybooks & most impt watching online dramas.

Trying my very best to save my school fees..stop buying things tat is unnecessary..tink before buying will sve a lot og money. Only buy the ones tat i really really like. Hee hee wat a way to save money!!!

Friends' relationship!!!! Hai... Don really like the feeling of being misunderstood although we had nth in progress.. Frens ONLY.. But lucky he is nt my type.....HENG AH!!! otherwise big problem will arise!!

WAt wrong with being single? there had been ppl asking why why why why why i don have bf? Hmm..is a hard question to answer.
U tell them tat u don hv they don believe!! Wat wrong? ther nt wrong although at times tat u will feel lonely and feel like toking to someone but the someone is nt there. So sian!!

Started my perm night on 16 aug... only my second night and i am super tired liao...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy Nurses' day to All the nurses tat i knw.

We hav been thru alot ...experiencing life and death..all kinds of ppl tat no one will imagine to meet up with...But we had survived! YEAH!!!
Sunday, July 26, 2009

Came back from taiwan trip on 16 july...happy abt the trip. had great fun eating shopping & most of the all...GOSSIP. Fun with zy and jm. Phone was nt able to use though so no disturbance during the leave
Friday, July 10, 2009

1st time blogging at workplace.... Hee hee....


But i am on night nw ....praying silently that nth will happen for 6 more hours then i will be off from wrk place for 10 days... enjoyin the 7 days at taipei with my daughter and foster daughter... 1st time gg on trip with my satay daughter and 2nd time gg with daughter... Miss loh pei chin cant join us due to her pregnancy... don worry i buy sth back for u kk...

Managed to get free ride from daddy's fren as the 3 of them is gg malaysia tom... so hop on as wat he say ... saving taxi money for the trip although is near to my house ...20 mins using ECP...

I will be transfer back to Central where i 1st started as junior nurse when i grad... hoping everything will go well as i do hate some of the staffs there.... I REALLY MISSED THE OLD KAKIS IN CENTRAL LAST TIME...ESPECIALLY...MY 3 BUNNIES... LILMAY (who is happy married with benjamin), SHOBANA, YANTI.... mY DEAR PRECEPTOR MISS JANET LIM... SANDY KHIN HTUN AND LOTS MORE...AND LASTLY STELLA TOO.. (although at time she is quite fierce but eventually worked out well) & they are putting me to nurse BMT patients..i hate... don like at all... Hmph ANGRY..!!!!

had a whole list of things to buy for frens and a list of thing to buy for myself coz last year i only bought 2 tops and one bag.. so poor thing spent all the money on others...but not on me... so this year i gg to buy alot for myself.

trying to concentrate on my work nw... but unable to try ... coz my mind is all abt tom and the rest of the leave.. Waited for the leave for at least 4-5 mths !!! Must really need to enjoy in order to relieve stress.:P

Will update and post pics when i get back.....
Friday, June 26, 2009

Nw in counting down mood @ the moment, counting down to Taiwan trip day... 14 days more exact. YEAH YEAH can dance from living rm to kitchen. Hee hee

BONUS DAY. been counting down to pay day on sunday...finally strike 12 midnight on thurs... Money came in liao... to the account tat been decreasing everyday.

Went out today with tjm...suppose to shop for wallet and sandals but in the end i only spend on dinner( neber makan breakfast and lunch) and eyebrow threadin and  lastly a cup of lemon tea. Tat all... I should be buying alot of things coz of shopaholic mood... And i did nt buy anything. Jm bought a crumpler and karen bought a pair of Ck shoes...
I wanted to buy coach wallet but the pattern of the wallets is exactly the same as my gucci wallet. In the end buy nth lor... Super sad and depression mood.

Tom gg for pall. talk with zy,jm,suhana & karen. will go to orchard coz i in need of sk2 badly.. All used up, & pimples is coming out due to overuse of surgical masks during night. 

Last sun was the last round of perm night with my dear GF KHAD. first night was ok...but second night i must say is Telok, antibiotics nt given on time, chemo to run, blood to take and blood to run. Is a bloody round of night .... Neber even get to eat properly at all and wrote report at only 2am. Wat a night!!! Somemore i got period & stomache... Super hungry and sleepy.
 Last night was peaceful... Took all the 6am blood and set all the plugs ( ppl been lazying to set plugs and they tink tat i am super free at nightime to set plugs although i lik to set plugs and take blood but tat does nt mean tat i do for u then wat the point of teaching u at the first place) 

I will do for my kakis but sory u are nt...so next time do urself... But my mouth only will knw how to say but my hands will be poking aunty or uncle's vein coz i don wan my patients to suffer under ur care!!!! DON WAN THEM TO DIE UNDER UR CARE COZ U ARE SCARY!!!

I will miss u Khad and the 3 months of relationship with u at a side... nvm we will meet again in Aug but in different stations though!

And lastly TJM... me and him only fren fren ah... don get the wrong idea? I like who...u don knw meh? although he is hopeless plus plus plus plus to infinity... Hai trying my best to clear him from my mind!!! 

watching absolute boyfriend now.. the guy aka robort is super yandao... Wat if he become my robot bf i love him to death leh hee hee