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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

now in SKol sop decide to update my blog.... my com is down at home... super LAgging leh!! cant even do project at home le... so have to do at skol... so Sianz!!!
Went to zhikang's bday at sat at east coast.... went with chewling, xin hua & kiat loon... acTually me & ling dun wan to go at first coz wan to go shop shop ard orchard then can buy clothes mah.... hahaha.... but then saw ming da & his frens , then he ask us to go but LAzy LEh!!! Hai.... But in the end still go ... but onli stay there till 9 plus then go home le!!

Hmm... finally finished all my projects le.... haha finally ah!!! So good ah!! but exams coming le... have to go study study le... coz some teachers neber give tips to us to start... Super Sianz!!

then attachment aso come out le... have to go to imh for two weeks then have to go to elderly home for a week then the other week i dun know go where le!!

Dinner & dance aso comeing le... not yet decide wat to wear too... then have to spent $$ on the clothes, makeup & shoes!! HAve to lose weight ah... coz very fat leh!!!@@@

haha... got to get back to do work le!! heheh@@@ ^_^
Thursday, April 08, 2004

Woke up ard 11am today... today no skol mah...having a long weekend tis wk...not yet decide to go pubbing with bin & qi!! hee... exaclty i have no plan for this long weekend...tot of asking rene out but she got things to do tis wk...so tinking who to go out too!!! I aso have to do work first before decide where to go out?? hmm... hai... how to reject a guy??? I oreadi told him that i hav no intention of having bf yet but hai... he dun understands... still asking mi out to go see movies... Sianz leh!! Told him tat i onli fren fren with him wat more do he wan?? Hai... big Headache for mi right now!!!

Now listenin to jay songs... KAi bu liao kou... hai y the radio put tis song...make mi thought tat idiot guy who broke my heart... hai... wat for tinking of him le... he oreadi had a gf now...somemore a uni gal... sian..... hai...thought of him make mi wanna cry le... hai... shld have listen to rene's advice: Think of the bad thing he done, then i will forget abt him...i tried le but no use!! HAi... Sob Sob.......

okok...now typing my assigment tat due next fri... faster do then can go shopping tis weekend le!! hehe....
Monday, April 05, 2004

Finally free to update my blog!! Hee..actually sat went to crystallbelle to sing ktv with ling, xinhua, kiat loon & their frens(whom become my fren le) Xin ting! She real can sing like tanya chua!! Listen till i melt with her voice le!! HAha... I abit gua zhang lo!!
Then after tat went to heeren to find my sister to wait for her to go home coz noone will at home!! then Saw a few cute guys on the way!! Haha but too bad abit young!!! I wasnt that old!! Haha 20 Onli mah!! Haha
Sun the whole day stay at home to rot!! Exactly feel like gg shoppin but a bit Broke so rather stay at home & sleep!!

Today mon, Got another reminder letter but luckily got mc to prove haha!! Waitin for sister Fong to call mi le!! HAve to hear her naggin!! But nvm She is a nice Lady!! Hai... 2 more wks to go till is exams time le!! Not Yet print out timetable yet!! But hai... only have a day to rest then attachment le!! hai...Ming Ku ah........ But tis wk there is 4 days holidays leh... I nearly forgot... Then there is phc to present & nursing project report to pass up too!! hmmm... better start today than regret next week...
Thursday, April 01, 2004

Hai.... wat a boring day for mi today!! TOday onli thursday leh, i oreadi feel so sian le!! Wat to do?? Miss the chance to go double o yesterdayt with pauline they all, but they aso neber went lo!! Coz too little ppl go!! HAi...today woke up at ard 12, having stomach ache. Hai... paIn PAin!!

Dun know tis sat wan to go out ant?? Like nth better to do like tat !! My exam timetable cum out le!! Whoa got 5 papers to study. sumore 3055 got 3 lecture bk to read thn mental health & management got 2 Bks each!! I tink i gg to die soon le!!!
BettEr start studyin at week 14 first!! Otherwise i will kill by SIster Fong le!!