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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Went to Orchard today wit My Malay SIster, FatrAh, Meet Her at city hall then take mrt to orchard. Went to far East plaza( level 1) to shop ard first as she wan to buy new clothes. Mi Saw a few clothes but quite lazy to try so neber buy. Walked ard for a while at level one then proceed to upstairs. Went to buy a new pair of jeans while fatrah bought a new black top frm d same shop too. then she treat mi drink green tea(HAHA) then WEnt to heeren to see clothes again. Went to MinI bits to see My "Sister" Dear janiCe. Long time neber see her. then walk Ard to see nice nice tops, but too bad neber bought any. then went to taka to shop... Saw a wallet Frm LV... Kind of wanted to buy but a bit ex lo. So neber buy!! Both of us felt hungry so went 2 lucky plaza to makan Fried Fish Bee Hoon at Level 6. Then tok tok lo coz we two seldom shop together as we always go with big grp of frens so is now time to communicate Our relations!! Hee. ^__^ After Makan, went dwn to bugis as she wan to go bossini to see clothes. I tot She wan to buy the new series of Spiderman CLothes....

Went to seiyu muji to buy chocolate.... then shop ard for awhile at Parco... kind of fated to go bugis to shop tis few days~!!!
As we two are coffee lovers, we went to TCC to have a cup of coffee... I was having a craving of brownie too...
Have a cup of iCe latte mocha & a brownie to go with it...Hmm... yummy ~!!! I must say!! The ambience was gd to sit ther & chit chat!!! Fatrah kept making fun of mi with the waiter, ask mi to ask for the phone no... I dun dare...i kind of chicken ok!!! Then somemore she ask mi to look at the guy' bums as she said it was firm... I wanna faint!!

A uncle holding a BLind auntie were asking ppl to buy tissue paper at TCC, ther was a grp of youngsters, ignoring them & using the hp to take pics of the poor aunty...Whoa~~~!!! Nowadays ah.... youngsters hav no sympathy of the sick ppl!!
As they approach us, we bought tissue papers from them lo.. as U knw wat are our occupation lo!!

Sat ther till nine plus then decide to go home... walk to bras basah ther to take bus home.....

Luckily i reach home early otherwise i dun dare to walk all d way frm bus stop to d void deck coz ther was a blackout islandwide. Luckily half of the blk was not affected( my house waS NOt affected)....
Tom gg to be gd gal at home & rot again!!! Nitezzzzzz... GG to sleep nw~~!!!
Monday, June 28, 2004

Ytd went to bugis with hua & ling to be one of the judges for Channel U : The next big thing. WEnt to topshop first to see any clothes to buy but nth i bought.Went 2 buy braclet with ling as her aunty want d same bracelet she bought d other day. Went shop shop ard bugis, bought a purse at mphosis. Quite cheap lah. onli 6 dollars mah!! then went 2 look 4 the person-in-charge to get our t-shirt.
We, three sat together not to the side coz will be seen at the tv one!! Slowly, Quan Yifeng & kym Ng arrived, they were damn pretty!! Kym was not tat short le(maybe she wear heels) then quan yifeng's face was not big as wat she always say on tv!!
Then the participants slowly come out, the 1st one was not bad she sang well.. then abt the tourist agent, so sorry ah coz u really sing out of the song le.. really cant bear it lah... so have to vote u out although u look pretty!!only 2 of the gals can make it la... have to see it for urself coz it was really funny & there was the 31 yrs old lady trying to act teenage gal!!
Gotta to catch the last epsiode of "the Next big Thing" on sat 9pm

The thing end ard 9plus, nearly to ten. Went home after tat. so tired to catch the soccer!! went to sleep!!

Nth really much today, just stay hm & rot!!

Tom gg out with fatrah to orchard to buy clothes..as wat she wants!! Hoping i could buy sth too!! HEe
Saturday, June 26, 2004

You are hoping that a lover will call soon. You are not enjoying having to play a waiting game. In time you will understand why you had to wait such a long time. Indecision drives you crazy, because it makes you unable to know which way to go to move forward. Lucky number is 12.

Your motivation is to communicate with friends and family more often. Their opinion matters, especially when an interesting romance offer may lure you to consider a distant location. Exited by stimulating thoughts about the possibility of an intimate union, you want to look and feel better.

You are attracted to someone exciting, which leads to a relationship that will also benefit you professionally. After some delay beyond your control, a love interest will call and the tensions will vanish like smoke into thin air. One brief meeting could be significant for both of you, and a relationship may all of a sudden start to look like a real possibility. It seldom happens better than this.

You may get involved in a blame game if you are not careful by saying things like: "if it were not for you, this would never have happened. . . ” and so on. Try to keep a tolerant attitude, and use those areas of disagreements to grow closer to each other, by being willing to compromise. Compromise is difficult to do, but it is the main ingredient in long term relationships.

Generally your job will be much easier than it appeared at first glance, but you will have fluctuations, related to one project. Do not give up, it gets easier as you progress further into the project. Your success will come through a business lead, via a social invitation, that will change the pace to a faster mode. Keep at it and you will succeed.

More than likely there is a situation that enters the scene to remind you of the importance of creativity, talent and hard work. Use an opportunity when your ability to work hard matches your talent and those can be combined in a project. You may have thought this was only possible in dreams and never considered it an option. Once you get your idea wheel spinning, it will not be long, until you are doing "wheelies" all over the place.

Check unfinished projects and finish them one at a time, before you attempt to start any new ones. In figuring out how to finish them more efficiently, you may surprise yourself with how creative you can be. This will have a quick payoff, you are already halfway there, so the satisfaction feels almost instantenous. Deal with problems that surface by probing their origins. Simple solutions often work the best and they also hold up in the long run. One step at a time will get you to the finish line.

You might not remember a project you worked hard on and be happily surprised by its success. Do not take it for granted, though, it can be easily lost. The first thing to do, will be to figure out what you did right, and keep working on what seems to have become a successful formula. Later when the success formula is humming along, you can add some changes. Keep the good parts and throw the rest away.

You may face a disappointment, when your efforts to help someone out of a jam does not work. Move on and try not to waste any more valuable time or energy on them. Stay a giving soul, as others will appreciate your generous spirit. Soon a friend will ask you for assistance and it will turn out so well, you will forget all about your previous disappointment.

Feeling disappointed when your expectations in life are not being met, is counter productive at best. Curious by nature, you may enjoy traveling and learning about other people's languages or cultures. Try to pay attention to the small but important details of living. You may want to be a free spirit with more independence and freedom in your life. Living your life to the fullest is more important than fixing everyone else's problems. When you radiate happiness you will see that others like to have you around all the time. With this new attitude your life tends to be full of surprises and new avenues opening up almost daily

Full!! Full!! My stomAch feel so full rite nw coz went to east coast jumbo to makan seafood!! My uncle's treat today, so had a full meal tonight. Tom must on diet liao coz ate prawns,crabs, fried tofu & fried octopus!!
HAd alot fun. after the dinner, mi, sister & 2 of cousins decide to continue the fun at east coast or go sing ktv but the young ones kept following us so hai... No choice have to go home le!!

Tom gg out with ling & hua at bugis. go See the channel u sat 9.00pm show:: the Idol thing !! so meet wat time ?? Gals.. i sure late coz u 2 hai!!!!

later got match again... but decide nt to watch coz i dun even knw the players's name.. gg to sleep early or continue watching tv till morning again bah!!!
GG to bathe after my sister's turn!!

GG to see the tarot cards thing from ling's link
later then paste the outcome here~~~
Friday, June 25, 2004

Today I veri gUai to stay At hm to rot ah.. woke up at ard 1 coz ytd stay up to watch the matcH but too sleepy juz onli watch the 1st half of it then went to sleeP le. Hai.. but EnglanD lose lah~! Hai~~ Try again Next time baH.

Juz nw liNg called mi, said she veri nervous for the interview then ask her to relax lo. Nw i tink she on the way Hm liao le.

Tom is veni bday.. 21st liao le.. Happi bday my gal!! Dun knw wan to go anot? a bit lazy to go out too!! Hai~~ Later gg to buy skin cream for my arm.HAve to walk a long way to buy it.. Nvm treat it as exercise bah!! Tink gain weight during the hoildays leh... HAve to lose it liao.. DIet Diet!!
Thursday, June 24, 2004

OKieOkie...Nw a Summary of Wat i Did Tis two days::
WeD=> Went to raffles City ( RepubliC plaza) With hua & ling, Hua got a job at singteL so went wit her to go checkup as her personal Nurse just In casE she faint when takin blood.
Then after went to Bugis & shop ard, went to hawker centre to eat then after tat walk back to parco to shop. WhoA, My armpits still veri paIn. Hua BRought a top frm mPhosis, mI saw a toP too but got to bear wit it coz nw No $$. then weNt to sunteC to meet adeliNe & serEne.but Serene said she go on her own coz she wan to change her phone. so Walk ard suntec then went to makan at d food court. ate pork cutlet raman, quite gd lo. but abit no taste lah.
After filling up the stomach, went to dedicate songs at the fountain 4 d 5 of us. Sat Ard fountain to listen to songs then after went home together.

Thurs=> toDay went to party World to sing Song. Bk d room at 12, agreed to meet at 1130, but as usual hua & ling were late again. I even go out late today but i was early. HAi!!! Sang for 4 hrs, mi & hua go toilet for alot times coz the aircon was cold & we drank a lot of water. Hee...after ktv, went heeren toilet to touch up ah(hEE) then buy curry puffs to eat on the way to bugis (AgAin) to meet KL. Ling bought a bra & bracelet today!! Hahaha, finally bought the bracelet le!! hee..hua & mi aso wan to buy but hav to wait 4 d pay. Meet Up wit KL, walk ard for a while then went home coz my mother tis few days very ah lian, ask mi 2 pack clothes, dun need to come back. Coz i go out alot tis week so dun need to stay at home, can go out to stay le!! SO ah Lian!!

Tom decide to stay at home coz no need to acc. liNg to her interview le. can sleep late Again! Later gg to watch daoMing Si!! then tom got football mAtch leh at 2.35am. Must stay up to watch LEh!! GO!! EngLand!! ^_^
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

From The BottOm OF My Broken Heart By BRitney Spears

"Never look back," we said
how was I to know I'd miss you so?
Loneliness up ahead,
emptiness behind
Where do I go?

And you didn't hear
all my joy through my tears
all my hopes through my fears
did you know, still I miss you somehow?

From the bottom of my broken heart
there's just a thing or two I'd like you to know
you were my first love,
you were my true love
from the first kisses to the very last rose
from the bottom of my broken heart
even through time may find me somebody new
you were my real love
I never knew love
'til there was you
from the bottom of my broken heart

"Baby," I said,
"please stay.
Give our love a chance for one more day"
we could have worked things out
taking time is what love's all about

But you put a dart
through my dreams
through my heart
and I'm back where I started again
never thought it would end

From the bottom of my broken heart
there's just a thing or two I'd like you to know
you were my first love,
you were my true love
from the first kisses to the very last rose
from the bottom of my broken heart
even through time may find me somebody new
you were my real love
I never knew love
'til there was you
from the bottom of my broken heart

You promised yourself
but to somebody else
and you made it so perfectly clear
still I wish you were here

From the bottom of my broken heart
there's just a thing or two I'd like you to know
you were my first love,
you were my true love
from the first kisses to the very last rose
from the bottom of my broken heart
even through time may find me somebody new
you were my real love
I never knew love
'til there was you
from the bottom of my broken heart

"Never look back," we said
how was I to know I'd miss you so?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Pain Pain In the Armpits!! Coz yesterday Went to jurong east swimming complex to "play" Went out ard 10.45am, meet ling,xh & kl at 11plus at kallang mrt( as usual hav to wait for them) reach jurong east pool at ard 12 plus. DAmn quiet the pool we tot the pool was closed today. gg To kill hua & kl liao coz they con us there to swim leh! Luckily found out tat pool open at 2.30 so hav to wait till the time. Go to kfc to wait, WHOA.. there was a stench at the kFc.. whoa CANt mAke it leh!!! HAve to buy the food to makan in order to get the stench away man!!

then we saw a lot of ppl q-ing, tot the pool was open whoa!! Singaporean are realli kiasu leh!! Q-ing for the pool to open ah!! whoa!! then afer went to lazy Pool , whoa really lazy leh!! Juz laid on the float then let the water float us ard

then went to play the wave pool, the four of us were screaming like hell , i kept droppin down frm the float, WHoa the rest of them laugh like hell loh. Dun knw wan to help mi ant?

Played till 6 plus , then go hawker centre to makan, then go home liao le. Damn Tired leh! No one Tok during the way home! All were sleeping leh!

Tom gg to go checkup with hua, later after tat go meet serene ... now very lazy to walk ard liao
Saturday, June 19, 2004

Yesterday wenT to take my k-ster card from serene. Super long time neber saw her liao le!! Actually shld meet her on thurs but she not feelin well so ask her to meet other days lo, then fri morning she sms mi to see whether can meet in the eve, so meet up with her together ate dinner together bah. Went mphosis to buy a tissue holder coz the old one is gg to 'die' soon!! Aso bring along DND pics to let her see. Forgot to bring along the IMh pix to let her see how it look like!! then i aso sms that toopid ah boon to tell him that serene is sick, then he ask mi to take care gd care of her!! Y not u go tell her urself ah??
Shop along suntec, went to topshop to see clothes not much to see too. Hai coz no moNey!!! HAve to wait till nex week liao le!! haha

Ling ask whether want 2 go wild wild wet on Mon? Not yet decide cz hee lazy to go swimming then sumore hee... only gals knw!! hee :)

toDay Sat, really nth to do leh!! My poly frens ask whether wan to go Cb tonight?? Not yet decide coz dun feel like gg today!! Hai wat To do ?? stay at hm & watch tv bah!!
Thursday, June 17, 2004

REally rot for the week leh... no $$ to spend le.. thinkin of buying leVi jeans next week!! HEE!! Coz i gg to get the $$ next week liao le!! HAha.. last sat went to malaysia to shop & eat!! nth to buy but got buy alot of foods to eat lo!! THinkin gg to be fat le!!
tis few days was so hot, lazy to go out coz like bathin in the sun!!
yesterday went to tampines to shop for a while, then bought a polo tee from gio then bought a gift for my sister coz yesterday was her bday then she can go clubbin with mi liao le!! got Company le~!! then ard 6 go home le, very lazy to go pasir ris wit atah!! then went home to watch 9pm show on channel 8!! then after spend time watching tv till 1 then go sleep le!!

wake up ard 1 then later have to meet serene to get back my jeans & my k-ster card!! hai... nth to do leh!!