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TANRACHEL @blogspot.com ♥
Friday, July 30, 2004

LAzy to go to skol today so ask my fren to scan the card for mi today!! Hee..so bad ah coz she today got test mah so she hav to go to skol anyway so ask her for the favour!!!
ytd went to bishan gv to watch the sisters... been wanting to watch since the release but really got no time to go watch so went ytd with lizhen, tan li & pauline. only 12 ppl inside the cinema to watch the show, a bit scary movie but the storyline a bit blur la, dun really understand the whole movie's meaning is wat?? But the ghost indeed was scary.... A female ghost with long,long hair tat can come out during the day & night, summore in the sea aso can come out!!! but she crawl really like sadako in the ring!!! Hahah... actually wanted to go eat sakae sushi after the show, but we brought tibits in to eat so too full liao le, so decide to go back home after the show..
Saw ling'blog that she found a job liao le!! Happy for her!!! HEe... good man...haha,... hee.... today tink have to stay at home & study coz monday is my turn for the scrubbing OT test, have  to pass!!! otherwise die liao le~~~~
Monday, July 26, 2004

Nw sick with fever, headache & a toopid flu!!!! Why cant i get well??
HAve to do project tat is due on thurs, went to skol library to search for info...luckily got find some otherwise i will dead liao le!!!
DUn tink tom can go to skol liao... coz only got 1 hour lesson... tink stay at home & rest coz wed got theory test... now tinking maybe i can go to sleep early~~~ good nite

Nw sick with fever, headache & a toopid flu!!!! Why cant i get well??
HAve to do project tat is due on thurs, went to skol library to search for info...luckily got find some otherwise i will dead liao le!!!
DUn tink tom can go to skol liao... coz only got 1 hour lesson... tink stay at home & rest coz wed got theory test... now tinking maybe i can go to sleep early~~~ good nite
Sunday, July 25, 2004

Ytd went to orchard , actually we agreed to meet at 3 but I reach ard 3.30pm...hee coz dun wan to be the 1st to reach there so go out ard 2.45 then take bus slowly rock dwn to orchard... in the end I was the last to reach there... Wore the blouse tat i bought at Mphosis, they were very shocked to see mi wear like tat...cause i neber wore a sleeveless blouse at skol b4, as i always wear t-shirt & jeans.... i think they are shocked to see a "white" gal..then Fatrah kept molesting my butt... Alamak Are u lesbian?? If u are, then let mi be with Ahjib PLZZZZZZZZZ~!!!!
Waited for Fed to finish the survey, whoa the survey took ard 20 min, we waited until cant tahan leh... whoa... Neber see b4 a long survey~!!! Went to Far East to walk walk.... there were a lot of concerts gg on ytd, dun knw y ah?? But they sang very nice...although we saw a willam HunG looklike ah...Cant Tahan!!! Then Proceed to hEEren to find my sister.... Gave her my psbb Discount card, then walk ard, went to Action City to buy my little Piglet...SO cute it was holding a apple... Hmm, next target is the pooh...HaHa... then waited for Susanna, Diana & Siti to come meet us after work... While waiting for them. saw Louis & weilun (singtel) at hEEren, say hi to them lo!!! They Finally reached & we walked to Far east(agaIn)to fill our stomachs. Went to sakura to makan.
Saw cindy & a few of our frens shopping after work!!! chat for a while then say buai buai liao!!!
After makan, walked back to heeren(again~!!!!) hAi...dun know y kept walking to these 2 places leh??? Then they walk walk for ahwhile then sat down... Feel very tired...so decide to go home as some of them have to go to work at sun!! so went home by bus lo... lucky reach home at ard 9 plus otherwise i dun dare to walk back home as my house here very dark at nite... cozof the comstruction site & ppl moving house then the whole blk was so dark!!!
Jl called mi to ask wan to club ytd?? But told him that i am dwn with a flu...so he says next week.....
So ling, hua..wan to go ??

"i am fall  in love with u,  i am fall in love with u "---Serena
Saturday, July 24, 2004

so sleepy ytd due to the flu med i taken, it was so strong tat i feel so drowsy after taking med...so went to sleep early~~ Now changing the blogskin tat suit my mood.... Been tinking so many things tis few days... Let bygones be Bygones bah... no use of holdin it & standing where i had started!! So i decide to move on & find my life~~ Hmm... doesn't sound like mi ah???

LAter gg out with FAtrah aka Atah & Shefa (cipah) to orchard to go shopping & chit chat, dun know whether siti is coming anot? As she is on morning shift today>>>
Maybe buy a pair of shoes coz i got so many slippers but no sandals... My mother gg to scold mi liao... i can hear it... haha
okok now gg to dl the blogskin, feel free to comment ,,, My Frens
Thursday, July 22, 2004

NOw VEry de xin ku ah!!! My sore throat make mi no voice le la... then today got presentation somemore...But luckily not i present, yenting present it!!! Saw Sandi ytd again, he was gg to kick football at the skol field...so fast make use of the facilities liao ah~~~ HAHA...kidding le~~

Tom class start at 8am.. later eat medicine liao le..then go ZZzzz le...really cant tahan liao le~~` But sAt still gg out to meet atah, shefa & veni........ Next week is my theory test le!!! Must work hard le lah!!!
Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Down with a flu. sore throat & a cough now, very tired after coming back from skol! Now doing research for the presentation on thurs this week, very difficult to find online somemore!!!
The discussion today was so terrible, dun even know why ppl got so much to complain abt??? Hai!!! Stress Ah!!!
Saw Sandi at skol today, HE say " Hey Hey!!" My fren immediately laugh behind mi, dun knw y she broke into laughter?? Jus say hi & chat for a while, I will find one for u Sandi~~ Wait ah!!
After tat i ask  my fren y she laugh, she just say tat sandi look funny when he say hi to mi!!!
Alamak leh, dun know wat reason is tat?? :P
Went home after skol at ard 5.. really tired so sleep on the way back in the bus!!! REally cant tahan anymore!!! Want to go sleep sleep le la!!!
"our love will neber  cum  back, But i was unable to let go of  it"
Sunday, July 18, 2004

hai Hai hai~~ so Boring at home doin work & work & work~~ Tom 8am Class have to go for the Anne Lectures for 2 whole hours sure sleep inside with Saliva droppin on the table~~ Gross!!!
Nw doing research for my presentation on intracranial tumors~~ really hard to find the rationale (reasons) behind d symptoms@@@ Really HeadaChe leh!!!
Ytd the whole day stay at home, din do anithing coz abit lazy to do anything!! Saw the fireworks near my house coz is the national Day's rehearsal for the pri 5 students to see... Saw su EE at the channel u the NExt big thing!! So shocked to see her ~~~ For her bravery MAn~~~
Been wondering want change the template of my blog & find a suitable song to go with it!!!
Now Is work Time!!! Miss U gals!!
Friday, July 16, 2004

Juz came back from taka coffee beans... went to drink coffee with pauline, vincent & ye nan~~ exaclty they wan to go watch brotherhood but a bit lazy to see movie today & aso now broke liao le~~~ Gossip abt the skol & guys are realli 38 like gals leh~~ Cant believe it man!!!
Tom dun know where to go, coz having a headache nw~ dun know wat to do tom too!! ANy suggestions??? Gotta to makan dinner liao le & catch happy fish later on!! Tink gg to watch tv till wee hours tonight!! Hai... i miss the last episode of Liu xin hua yuan ytd!!! SO kelian!!! Dun know wat happen to jerry & da S ??? Did they patch back???
*** I wish for the best  for  tom***
Thursday, July 15, 2004

Busy doing my presentation work rite nw...A bit tired so cum write a few words now...
Just change the Blog & insert a all time fav song of mine... the lyrics i post liao le~~ Meaningful leh~~
Ytd My mother & my 2nd ah siao sister went to makan wedding dinner~~ onli left my 3rd sister at home~~ so got to go home early~~ instead i go watch movie with my darling pauline~~` went to watch mean gals~~~ NICE show indeed!!!!
After tat went back home to makan dinner~~~ go to sleep very early coz have to wake up early today~~~
Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Alicia Keys: If I aIn'T got You

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power yeah
Some people live just to play the game
Some people think that the physical things
Define what's within
I've been there before
But that life's a bore
So full of the superficial

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

Some people search for a fountain
Promises forever young
Some people need three dozen roses
And that's the only way to prove you love them

And in a world on a silver platter
And wondering what it means
No one to share, no one who truly cares for me

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

If I ain't got you with me baby
Nothing in this whole wide world don't mean a thing
If I ain't got you with me baby
Tuesday, July 13, 2004

NOw In Skol Typing my Blog nw... Kinda of tired right nw alth class start very late today~~` din sleep well ytd bah~~Hmm..tinking tat i gg to start all over again le... FOrgot abt that Wang Ba DAn ( tat wat ling call ah) HAHA~~ Being so silly tinking~~~
SO gg to start all over again le~~ i Got so many frens ard mi so haha~~~ tis is wat i been tinking for the past 2 days~~ alone doing nth so tink lo...

~~haha~~ I won an Apple iPOD frm the sunday show the children funds thing~~ i really in luck man~~ maybe we share share to buy lottery one~~~ LIng then u dun need to work le~~~

There is a nice song i wan to intro is JOJo: Leave ( Get out)

I've been waiting all day for ya babe
So won't cha come and sit and talk to me
And tell me how we're gonna be together always
Hope you know when it's late at night
I Hold on to my pillow tight
And think of how you promised me forever
(I never thought that anyone)
Could make me feel this way
(Now that you're here boy all I want)
Is just a chance to say

Get Out, (leave) right now,
It's the end of you and me
It's too late (now) and I can't wait for you to be gone
'Cause I know about her (who) and I wonder (why) how I bought all the lies
You said that you would treat me right but you was just a waste of time (waste of time)

Tell me why you're looking so confused
When I'm the one who didn't know the truth
How could you ever be so cold
To go behind my back and call my friend
Boy you must have gone and bumped your head
Because you left her number on your phone
(So now after all is said and done)
Maybe I'm the one to blame but
(To think that you could be the one)
Well it didn't work out that way


I wanted you right here with me but I have no choice you've gotta leave
Because my heart is breakin'
With every word I'm sayin'
I gave up everything I had
On something that just wouldn't last
But I refuse to cry
No tears will fall from these
Ooooh, ooooh
Get out

[Chorus X3]

A nice Song indeed~~ gotta get back to work liao le
So loNg~~~~~
Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hmm...long time Neber Write My blog liao lo (kanna Complain frm Ling & hua) So time;s to update wat i am been doing For the past week... Start of skol at mon... 8 am skol... kinda of lazy coz long time neber wake up so early le..
tues till 6pm then can go home.
wed end at 12pm then went to party world with pauline, lizhen & vincent... Whoa tat vincent sang she bangs she bangs reallu like william hung leh!!! Cant make it ah... i laugh till drop leh!!! then the waiter come in aso laugh ~~~ Really embarrass ah
Tis week i really in luck mah~~~ so dun complain my dear sister~~
I won 2 tickets to catch movie at fort canning park then aso 2 weeks free membership for spa & weight controlling ( dun even remeber when i particpate~~)
So on friday, catch wu jian with my dear pauline~~ Our own date leh~~~ haha she neber watch the show b4 so ask her out to go see see~~~ Watched the movie part one & 3 till 12 plus then ask my dear father to come fetch us, sent her home then went home... so tired & my butt really pain after sitting on the floor for 3 hours plus~~~ But nvm ... it was a nice opportunity to experience watching movie outdoors~~~
Then yesterday meet up with ling, hua & kl~~ Miss them badly~~ actually shld meet up with bin too, but she busy doing things so neber meet up with her~~ went to heeren's marche to makan~~ Quite nice the foods there~~ then make our way to ps!!
Went to starbucks to settle down~~ really tired after walking so long way!!!
Saw grp of nerdies with a pack of cigarettes~~cant believe they smoke leh!! SO shocked~~~ But nvm it their business~~ not mine~~ maybe see them a few years time in hosptial~~ So bad Ah~~~ then went back home coz very tired liao le~~ NExt time then go out bah~~~
Today very guai stay at home~~ no way to go too~~~ SianZZZZZZZZZ

Realli regret sending the card to u~~ HAiZZZ nvm~~~ HApy Bday to u~~
Monday, July 05, 2004

neber Blog for a long time le... abit busy tis few days...
SAt went out with fatrah to tampines, go & find her jeans lo... then shop ard tampines then proceed to white sands...sat ard coffee bean, Chat a while then i bought a pants from pepper plus then go back home after tat le........

Sun=> Went to pasir ris to do the survey work with ling & serene... the job was ok, not that bad lo... But a bit paiseh coz like very toopid askin the recruits to do the survey. SOme were nice then some were too busy to stop to do maybe late to catch the bus...
Luckily, jl was near by then ask his frens to help mi to do the survey... saw a few of sec sch frens & one of my lecture mates
HE went to ns liao, so fast!!! He became darker liao le... nt like wat he was at skol!!! Hee...
Saturday, July 03, 2004

Watched the football Match on fri morning, the match was super boring. End at 5 am.... Went to sleep after tat.. watched alone, everyone were sleeping liao le!!!
Ytd went kbox at toa payoh with darling aka pauline & vincent too!! Went there at 2 sang till 6pm. the ice lemon tea super funny, taste like lemon water to mi!~~ so next time dun order lemon tea anymore le~~~ Walked ard toa payoh then head home after tat!!!
GG to do survey with ling & serene at pasir ris~~~ Then later gg out with fatrah to orchard again~~~ can buy clothes liao le~~.

~~Ling call u tonight to confirm the time tom k~~ Nice day~~~
Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ytd d whole day stay at home & watch tv~~~ watched tv & more tv~~~
do so catch up with my poly frens on the phone~~ they are workin today at nuh, one of them work in the ward , 1 work at outpatient clinic & another 1 work at kk hospital. Ytd Fatrah went to sgh for d interview, she said the director was so fierce but she managed to get the job liao but dun knw which ward she working at. Hope she get the ward she wan!!

Hmm... stay at hm really nth better to do leh, just online & online or eat eat!!! Can somebdy intro things for mi to do anot??
Go shoppin, I need ppl to acc leh

~~~ HUa~~~ Good luck to ur first day at work ah~~~ Get first pay must treat ah!!!