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Sunday, August 22, 2004

hmm along time neber blog liao... tom gg sgh operating theatre to work liao le...a bit nervous leh, to see all the bdy parts & bloody thingy!!! but nvm i saw all those thingy when i was yr 1 so nothing to be afraid of... But is the month tat i am scare of....the seventh mth!!! hee :P
I got a distinction for debate on thurs, quite interesting to fight among the class...hee fun sia....
Took photos on fri...so sad!! Took with the plastics models in the lab.... next time then show it to u all...

Really nth to do sia...went to toa payoh ytd with my little sister to buy my ot slippers. Walk ard, she bought a shirt from hangten. Bought a wallet from the shop near the mac there.... Quite retro in black color... i tink my legs are too white to wear shorts out izit?? PPl kept staring at my legs....feeling very uneasy but hai nvm who ask the weather to be so hot that day??

Getting ready to go to work tom hope nth went wrong for mi otherwise i will be drop dead liao le!!!

Monday, August 16, 2004

《再见过去》 Stella
過了 限期 不再可憐兮兮
我夢 見一望無際花海
真的感激 又看得見大然美麗
不再哭泣 才能夠看 得清晰
我真的懂了 再也不會自暴自棄
再見過去 我們的足跡
相信 印記將隨時間淡去
那段 相遇 心動 熱戀 分離
我不會否定 因為它
下過雨後 我大口吸著清新空氣
今天以後 要努力做 全新的自已
不再哭泣 才能夠看得清晰
我的懂了 再也不會自暴自棄
離開後 我更勇敢
再見過去 再見我和你
會有 新的發現 新的經歷
原來我喜歡 這樣的自已
Sunday, August 15, 2004

Finally able to blog, long time neber online le, doing alot of discussion & research tis few days. GOt to rush my project as the last week is approaching soon.GG to A&E to work next week. So wish Mi luck man~!!!
Went threading with pauline & lizhen on tues, quite painful but bearable!! after went shopping ard suntec.then after went back home coz i not yet done my debate work yet!!
Wed+++ went to party world to sang sing!! Hee after tat went to heeren to shop ard@@@ Went to see the yandao that my sister say ...ok Lah not bad la...alot of gays are attach to him leh!!!
Thurs++++Damn shit, my teacher in charge of debate neber come\... Whoa wan to kill her on the spot.. but nvm good she never come otherwise get very low marks...coz not really prepared!!

SAt & sun stay at home to rot !!! Hee...
Tuesday, August 10, 2004

just got back from suntec, today went out with pauline& li zhen to go threading at pennisula plaza. Actually quite sacred to go coz neber try b4, but the whole experience was not bad, aso very cheap only 5 bucks only!!!
Then after went to long john silver to makan coz only have a piece of bread in the morning so go fill my stomach.
then after makan, walk along citylink, bought a hp pouch from m)phosis.then walk along the shoes shop coz want to buy slippers. Went ck saw a pair i like but hav to consider!!! So walk to suntec to have a cup of coffee!!! then after coffee break decide to head home. But in the end i went bk to buy the shoes!! Hee hee so happy@!~

last week end stay at home to rot!!! hee... exaclty lazy to go out & aso no $$ but must wait for my pay to come !!!
Tomolo gg to partyworld after skol.... hee@@@ hmm...nw have to get back to do work tom got disussion!!!
Saturday, August 07, 2004

long time neber blog liao le, kinda of busy tis few days... went to woodlands to buy handphone, been wanting to change a phone since i got my pay!! hee... went with my father to change. ME & my sister change the same phone... hee

nth do today, a bit sian la!!! ytd went to tampines to drink coffee, aso went to see hua at singtel...So serious when working ah!!! hee... Ling aso work liao le!!! Miss u gals so much!! Good luck & happy working!!!

gg to look for my info now!!
Sunday, August 01, 2004

Nth better to do so decide to blog b4 my father got bk home, today the whole day stay at home, copying notes, so Guai ah~~~ coz mon got practical test mah, so muz work hard coz got alot of ppl fail liao le!!! copied till my hands are very tires so decide to copy tom.
Exactly today shld be gg out with jialong, coz promise him le since last week, but too bad got test then he is gg to zouk!! Hai, i dun like gg there coz got alot of ppl on sat, so hee...pai sai ah.... next time then go k?? Ah long sorry ah!!!
Hmm... work hard on mon, jia you!!! otherwise i willbe dead liao le!!! heee... good nite i gg to sleep le, coz my panda eyes is cuming out liao le!! to My la la land