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Monday, September 27, 2004

Super Tiring after work liao le...So stress man at The Ward that i gg to work liao le....Super Super stress...First day of work so stress liao le dun know how to go on liao le!!! 1sT half of the day spent my time reading a file full of info while waiting the Sister to orientate us ard the waRd...The Discussion Room was super cold man & i was alone in it... Somemore Ppl outside were crying Tink one of the patients is dying soon...Super scaring leh.... Then after tat Pauline came in to join mi to read the file... then the Sister tOld us to go for break... later then she show us ard... After lunch, went ard the ward to look ard the environment... Damn Stress man...Somemore i in central station... PAuline in B2 with Fatrah so good... Hai...nvm then went for 2nd break again... Then work time liao le...
Answer call bell like nobody's business like tat... Auntie Ask for bedpan otherwise Uncle ask for Urinal to pass Urine or Shit@@@ Then after that went ard the ward to see see...Whoa Tink i gg to die over there after working ....
Went Home @ 4pm. slePt In bus like piggy leh...then continues to sleep at home after changing then wake up to bath & eat dinner... HAi...tom have to continues Dying again@@@
Sunday, September 26, 2004

finally got My com repair liao....exchange for a new hard disk...the new one spoilt so my cousin went to exchange with the person...Miss mY computer Man!!
Sianzzzzzzzzz tom gg to work at the ward liao le....sianZZZ AHHHhhh..... But nvm Got pauline to accompany mi... Luckily the ward somemore got Fatrah & Veni to work with...otherwise I stress Over there liao le!!!
A Summary of wat i done this week...
WEd: Last day of paper..damn Difficult...dun know can pass anot?? Then after that went home to rest as we are gg to chinablack tonight haha... A bunch of gals went out the first together haha....i means poly frens... Meet at 730 then went to makan mac first then go....Haha so paisah...we are the first ones to go inside no ppl inside haha... So got a table to sit down & play games... Slowly ppl come in, but no ppl went to dance so wait till got ppl otherwise so paisah !!!
Played till 1 plus in the morning then took cab with tan Li & Miss Tan haha... My fren's name not Teacher name...

Thurs & Fri: stay at home to rot man... coz i slept till 3pm in the noon...hee
Sat & today: Would be staying at home too....maybe gg parkway parade today bah... dun know yet my sister is sleeping now have 2 wait for her ...

I wish that I was in your arms Like that Spanish guitar
I wish you'd hold me in your arms Like that Spanish guitar
All night long, all night long
I'd be your song, I'd be your song

Monday, September 20, 2004

Dun know how come kept kanna log out form frenster....getting very frustated liao le!!! :(
Today i have my exam, ok lah...woke up at 6 to go meet pauline to revise our work.... damn stress meh....Think i gg to have damn big panda eyes after tis week liao le!!!

But Nvm i Gg out on wed to parTy Party real hard haha... got gathering to go club with frens like Miss Tan Lay chen haha... then pauline, yenting, Tan Li, andrea & maybe Jia Long if he get his off day on wed liao le...& very sorry to put u on plane for so many times!!!
HEe....& stopped saying i changed liao le!!!@@@@

Hoping to Get MY dream Guess Watch by this Sat, really like the pattern leh...hee sure wan to get the watch by this week
Today went to taka to walk walk, went to coffee bean to drink sunrise....quite a unique taste la...but nt my type of drink i better Stick to Coffee bah!! then Went to mango to try the jeans that i Saw on the catalogue... Hmm not bad... Sure get on sat liao...Haha Shopping anyOne On Sat???

Haha... Bathe time liao le....
Sunday, September 19, 2004

Today is sunday then i still have to wake up so early... Hee just to play my new computer mah!!!
Hee nth better to do ...but tom i having exams so must really work hard after playing my com....
Sorry Sandi cant go to Ur BBq...Happy Birthday to U!!! Want mii to sing u a bday song anot??
HAha...kidding only...dun wan to kill u with my voice now...coz having a sore throat now!!!

Really wan to buy jerry cd liao le....coz inside got my fav songs .... Xiang yao Ai Ni... maybe later upload to my blog ....hee...okok...now go eat my breakfast cum lunch.... See ya....really miss u gals... maybe next next week then meet up bah

Sunday, September 12, 2004

so Long never write my blog been working like a slave for the past two weeks.
Went to work at sgh operating theatre, wHoa really can see alot of intestine taken out... a bit gross right... but i like the work there ....got to help the dr with the instruments then while the operation is on the drs kept talking abt craps during the operation then still can jokes abt the patients... What they want lipo suction anot?? Hai tok bad abt the patients.....

then went to A&e to work too... have to work here & there.... the work ther was abit free la...have to do alot of ecg coz singaporeans got alot of chest pains leh!!! then went to consultation to help the dr then give injection to ppl... one day a malay teenage abt my age kept in the room to see the dr, then the dr order a injection coz he feelin pain in his stomach then i asked he to lay on the bed then take off his pants. he suDDenly give a "huh" look then he say give at his butt then i jus nodded my head lo. my dr say the patient is bai sei la...then i just say in chinese i not gg to molest him wat!!! Hee...then he laugh la... somemore ask mi to give him thick thick needle.... whoa so scary ah him... dun quarrel with him next time!!!

HAi so tired then neber go out this few days... SOrry ling neber celebrate with u ur bday!!! Hee... sorry have to work!!!