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Friday, October 29, 2004

Finally got time to write liao le... been working like a slave for 5 days liao le..finally off day come liao!!! So great@@@ Tom shld be bringin my sister to see movie @@@ Dun know wat to watch????? NExt week last week liao le... then holidays for 2 mths i tink then start work again@@@ So funny ah@@@ Hee... then maybe can find some parttime job liao le@@@@

I become heavy liao... sianzzzzzzzzzzz.... really have to go on diet liao le.... Hee
Wednesday, October 20, 2004

tonight i be working night shift liao le...so exciting haha...can work thru the nite so any ppl wan mi to morning call them can sms mi ah@@ Haha... now taking lots of caffine just in case i doze off hee :P really scare to sleep coz later the sister gg to scream at me le!! Therefore i must not doze off,otherwise hav to listen to her beautiful voice...Feel like vomitting.
Hee..gg to meet pauline later at work then go up together...so exciting leh...hee... wan to share those scary ghostly stories next time i see ling & hua jie..kk...gg to prepare for my supper@@@
Friday, October 15, 2004

Hmm just finish watching S'POre idOls@@ Yeah Yeah@@!!! JerrY Is Out CompleteLy@@@ How happY i am!!! But Shocked to see my fav Syl Sim In the bottom Three@@@ But nVm U still stay In the ContEst anyway@@@ although ytd u did real bad, but it ok u Are a rocker u dun fit in singin Disco@@!!!

Finished work at ard 3 then slept in the bus a toopid guy in front of mi kept turning behind. i Tot i got saliva dropin down from my Face while i sleeping, But dun have leh@@@ Is it i neber put concealer at my dark circle that i look like panda then he kept looking@@@ Still wondering ??? TOday was a tough day, got a chance to do blood transfusion then change drip set then unclog the plug with hep saline then schedule the 24 hour then aso do urine feme & c/s@@@ alot of things to do in B2 station as not enough SN there lo@@@ But alot of things to learnt from medical onco ward lah.

Jia Long called while i am on shift, asked mi whether want to go Zouk tonight anot?? My answer is too lazy to go out liao le at night somemore, wan to be piggy for 2 days lah...work so many mornings liao le.... Somemore next week have to do nite shift really can kill me leh@@ But anyway thanks for asking & sorrie for not gg lah@@@ Promised him next time liao le@@@ So any one Want to go anot?? His TReat@@@

Tom tinking staying at home & resting day liao@@ Got alot of things to refer to textbooks liao...coz i got stuck half way doing things...so must revise liao leh@@@ Nitezzzzzzzzz
Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wat A tiring day for me this week, 2 days noon shift then 3 days mornings shifts really can kill me leh!!!! Somemore morning shift have to wake up at 0530hrs to prepare to go out@@@ Really not enough sleep liao le...hai...today was a damn tiring day, got very angry with the ah ma, dun even know wat she toking abt?? Wat i say her lazy i dun even know her then kept nagging . I felt like giving her 1 tight slap at tat cb face really feel like slapping but tink that she is old then juz forget it, just act blur lo@@@ Then i get one wheelchair from the A-side then wat she ask mi to go down to collect for her. Think i am her maid ah@@@ Hey There do u know that u got very cb face & i am damn piss off at u @@@ Just watch out tom i make ur life like hell u see for sure@@@ Get a taste of my temper when i am very piss off!!!

Hai yah really angry at her liao le!!! Got to write report then tis toopid ah ma kept annoying me i really can get siao at my ward liao le@@@ Want to go makan dinner write another day liao@@@
Sunday, October 10, 2004


SO tired after work so neber update my blog liao. Tis week was a total disaster to me, so tires walking ard the ward doing work. Have to write report then pass report super stress coz dun know wat to write man..... Then got one auntie ask mi to be her gf...haha....i nearly faint on the spot... she having problems with her brain lah...so nvm abt her juz say "haha auntie i got bf liao le" Hee :) a way to handle them. Haha luckily got my papa to come & fetch mi home otherwise i dun know how to walk to the bus stop.
Haha. Sat finally come liao my off day!!! Meet with liZhen to go threading then after that went to long john sliver to makan breakfast cum lunch!!@@ THen meet serene at bugis... sorry hua cant meet u gal...meet u next week ok ok@@@@
Went o bugis village to buy bag to go work putting all my barang inside to work!! Hee...bargain with the gal... then went to parco to see see clothes...then take bus to suntec to walk.... Suddenly remember i got the tiger beer party ticket to see the concert...hai..too bad waste the ticket coz only got 1 only, dun dare to go alone

Iora Got sale put a top for only 10 bucks serene aso bought one top too....then went to millenia walk to have dinner. Have jap food. Then walk to the 'durian' to listen to music. Yeah@@@@
Then after went to citylink gio, Meet my sister there too. then Serene & I bought a top each then my sister bought the bottoms. So sian.. sat Went so fast... have to work again...
Hope my ward no last office to do Plzzzzzzzzzzzz@@@
Friday, October 01, 2004

Finally off day liao le.... Today is FriDay hahaha.....coz tom & sunday is my off day so can sleep till late noon bcoz i everyday wake up at 0530 then have to go to work at 0600.... so pOor thing leh.... Haha...tis week seen alot of cases, got to do last office then go the ward with the Doctors... then have to write report then pass report.... Hmm abit stress lo... Totally stressful liao le... Still got a long way to go .... But the nurses were friendsly then they aso very helpful to help when i dun know anything.... the sisters there were not bad but there were no male nurses in my ward all gals except one of the nursing managers is a male...haha....a rose among the Thorns, I must Say!!@@@ Then PAuline is under his ward...hee...lucky Mi @@@ I am central station..

Tom dun know wan to go where?? Sms Fatrah ask her want to go see "reSident Evil 2" anot but she no reply, she having her IT training today dun Know Finish Already anot??

Still got a long way to go , hope i can survive in that ward bah>>>> God Bless Me@@@