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Saturday, November 27, 2004

hEre I am Again.... RottIng at HoMe agaiN... Hai...reaLly cant Make it Liao... I must Get out of the House onCe & for All...haha... As if I got PlacEs To go....No $$ alSo... ReallY poor Gal...Broke Too.... Haiii....... Ytd weNt with Sasa & kavita FOr the medical Checkup.... At Tiong Bahru So far fRom Sgh... Even the Doctor aso asK why they Sent us here For checkup... Really nth better to do ah.... no choice...we are so junior so have to listen the BIg Shots.... Then is Taking Blood Time ...haha...i aso like to give ppl injections.... but when i see the doctor taking wat a thin needle i almost faiNt coz will be very painful...haha... I never take blood after i went for the checkup when gg to poly....haha... bUT Not really tat PainfUl... Now i UndersTAnd why Those ah mas Scream Their HEads out whEn the DoctorS Say they wan to take BLood... Really PAinfUl leh.... I pity Them Coz Doctors Change Sites whEn nth come Out frOm d veins.... Hee....Then After the Checkup... Went Back Home to sleep... Coz neber take breakfast then have to take blood almost faint at the Bus Stop...Hee..LOse FAce........HEe... Ok gals... I decide to have a bbq instead of a buffet coz hee... want to make u all sweat ah..... hee.... Soo must Come Ah.... HEe...off i Go to play GAmes liao... Abit nagging here...ForGive Mi I gg Old Liao...
Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Finishing uploading songs to my Ipod Liao le & aso downloading songs liao...So Bored only can play games & Dl Songs coz i have played every games tat i know online liao.... I even go play neopets games la.... Really boring until i can rot liao.... really nth to do@@@ Can someone Help moi?? I dying sooner or later liao.... Really rotting soon...coz i been eating, sleeping till 2pm in d noon then watch tv till 4am or 5am...until i forgot to go my checkup liao le.... Hee.... gotta be fat & ugly liao le....but nvm i got my freebies from Heeren....Got whitening cream which i gg to put on my face everyday liao.... my FAce gg to whiter liao....Ling u gotta see my face till u let mi tell u the ghost stories la...Hee....Sorry hua jie cant go kl with u on 6-8 dec coz need to work work till my guts are out (Grosss@@@@) HAve to make money money coz gg to spend alot on my bday!!!! Hee.... Sorry Okay enough of mY crabs i mean CraPs.... Hee... abit nagging which i learnt from my mother tis few weeks hahaha....gg to Nag at My aunties Or uncles when i go to work@@@ Whaahahaha.... Gg imh sooner Or later liao....If i stay ah siao like tat till next yr
Sunday, November 21, 2004

Few days neber update liao....hee...now gg to update u all wat i done for tis week....

Thurs: Went to wait for ling to go buy jia long's present. Walk all the way from Ps to Heeren. Went to a few shops to see wat to buy 4 him...In the end went to Four Skins to Buy Him a T-shirt Tat would suit him bah...I think lah....Haha soRry ling NEber accompany u & aiping to go buy ur Mama's gift@@@So soRRy ah!! Then i have to wait for my sister at her shop 2 go home.... Hee...find out that the guy next to her shop is really naive man...haha...Whoa...Dun Look like leh...Ah Yo@@@ Then went home to watch Si...whoa totally disappointed haha:P

Fri: Really nth to do again went to my sister's shop to wait for her again....coz nth to do ...hee

SAt: Went ah Long's chalet...Whoa Whoa...indeed invite the whole Gang from ORchard issit>>> Really alot of ppl leh@@@ Then went home with serene....To white Sands...Go makan ice cream...hee.... Then go home & watch tv@@@

Sun: Wake up ard 2 plus...really can sleep mah...i Not lazy la...watCh Tv Watch Tv & makan dinner tat all i done toDay>>>

Tom GG to checkup....xrAy....Take Blood...hai....really makes My day leh:(
Thursday, November 18, 2004

mE & My fren taking photos in bugis gio changing room ...hee really nth better to do ah...hide inside ppl changin room to take pics ah...H@H@...abit gross lah...luckily neber take nude pics ah hehe
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Just got back from orChard...hee went to interview at aljunied but the pay was very low onli 800 Bucks then have to go out in the open to do survey abit tough ah...then went G2000 for interview too...but dun know when they give us the reply. then My fren Lizhen got one job then have 2 work in raffles city anyway i juzt take it anyway i nothing to do after all.... Haha...finally got job liao le...hee....then Went shopping Ard Heeren & aso look for job too...Hee...Then went takA Watsons to buy the Loreal cream For my Hair.... Cheap Cheap So Cheap@@@ Haha@@@ Then After that went to OG orchard with My fren coz she wan to buy the gio Pants... But now there is no stock have to wait for 2 more weeks then got NEw Stocks...Too Bad... I bought A pink top hee...I dun have any pink shirts too...Hee then after went home liao le...coz very tired liao.... Tom have to go for the Hr meetin super sian,...... So early to wake up very tired... Tom Meeting linG to buy Jia Long present@@@ Hee...dun know wat to buy aso @@@
Friday, November 12, 2004

Been & back form toa payoh, went to see the cartoon movie the shark tale. Exactly not a bad show, quite cute & funny@@@ A bit old to see cartoon for me, but my sister wan to watch anyway is my mother's treat to the movies. HEe...after the movie went to shop ard. went To Bossini to buy t shirt. Bought one then went to Body shop to buy perfume. Hee@@@ Spent $$ again....really have to go find job liao. Gg to Broke liao
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

BoriNg Boring@@@ Really Rot at home mAn!! Dying Soon or LAter liao. Not used to Waking up then dun need to go to work during this few days@@@ But went Malaysia ytd to go pray pray with my papa & mama then went 2 makan fish head curry. Really getting fatter & fatter liao ke. Then went to giant to buy some goodies to bring back. Bought a bra there. HAha Really cheap man@@ Only 10 Bucks lah...I cheapo liao. exactLy shld look for job in d morning but lazy to go out liao.... super lazy. not YEt recover frm the flu & sore throat yet@@ Really sianzzzzzzzzzz. Tink shld be gg out with serene tom to makan then buy jeans again!!!! Waste $$ then i gg to be broke soon. Not yet bought Jia long bdaty present dun know wat to buy for him@@ Sorry tonight not gg to Zouk wth you hee... Coz still sick & tired. Maybe next wed me & my frens gg to dun know where. not yet decide but if u wan, can come along too@@ The more the merrier...heehee...... Really have to go find part time job liao le...otherwise i will be a statue at home, collecting dust everywhere@@@
Sunday, November 07, 2004

I AM SICK!!! Down with a sore throat, fever, cough & flu@@ Damn unlucky man!!! Lucky dun need to work otherwise have to wear a mask everyday to work liao le@@@ Went to see doctor juz now, then went market to eat porridge coz cant swallow@@ Sure sianzzz......ytd should go out with xin hua & ling to celebrate her bday at Indochine but too bad cant go coz sick liao le!!! So sorry gals ....... Next time then meet up ok?? Hmm should be stay at home for a few days to get better liao then go look for part time job in order to survive the holiday @@@
Friday, November 05, 2004

finally training Is over liao le....so gReat & excited coz got 2 months holidays!!! Yeah Yeah@@@ Jealous leh>>>Ling@@@ Coz just now she call mi....hee... Gg to find part time job although i have income too.... but gg to work coz can have extra $$ to go overseas liao...Hope can go japan or Taiwan...Hee...Wat a great day ahead@@@ Really hope tat can go back to the same ward after the holidays...coz really like the ward there...although it is a onco ward, seeing ppl suffer@@@
Good remarks was given by the ward staffs to the sister... hee...so happy coz they willing to teach then i aso can learn alot from them too...haha... lucky no fail otherwise have to work somemore!!!
Tom maybe meeting the gals for a gals nites..coz is hua & serene's Bday@@@ Yeah YEah
Update some pics to let u all see

Wednesday, November 03, 2004