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Saturday, January 29, 2005

SUper Long neber updaTe liao le. Been working haRd in the waRd for 2 weeks liao. CurrentLy at ward 45 reSp ward. Not working in this warD but have to learn things all over again. Coz lost touch for 2 mths. Many things had changed coz of The JCI. ToopiD JCI. nth Better to do ah.. come to SGH for audit. Make us so worry & stress Out!!! Nvm after work always can go have Fun lo. Went to hEeren with Miss Tan Lay Chen. Whom FinalLy came to SGH to work liao le due to my pressure on her ah... no lah kidding only. Where got mei li to ask her to come?? Anyway her house is aso near to SGh mah. Can use north east line. Somemore ppl wake up at 7 to go to work. I had to wake up at 6 to prepare. Coz i Slow mah. :) Went to buy bag coz hee... hands itch again mah. Then went to paragon to see Miss TAn psbb bag. This i must say.. i think i influence her to buy psbb bag, always brainwash her to buy bags from there. Although is ex but can use for a long time. LanCome new perfume is out ah... i must buy ah ... coz i like the smell, somemore i like perfume with floral smell. After that went 2 far East to shop ard coz a bit early to go home lo. Saw a bra that i really like but ah...i currently is broke, still have to ask mama to feed me ah. So next mth when my pay i sure got alot of things to buy. Like new slippers, nEw levi jeans , new bag, new wallet, storybooks to buy aso. Hee.... Waste money again. Lucky no need to buy valentine gift for anyone. hmm That day i aso have to work no time to enjoy aso!!! Exactly no need to celebrate v day with bf one, aso can celebrate with frens & family. Maybe that day i go home sleep better still dun need 2 see couples holding hands, make mi so envy ah.....anywAy single got good aso got bad lah.. hmm... Now thinkin where to go tom, Stay at home & sleep or go out with fren leh??? Dilemma ah.. aso got alot of things to think now. Finding a way towards further studies maybe go back skol to get advance dip in dun know what topic or speciality in nursing?? so confusing after the sister spoke to us.
Sunday, January 23, 2005

Just went to cut My hair at Kimage Funan. ok lah my long hair was cut till shoudler length & becoming thin & straight. The Hairstylist Said can save $$ at Rebond liao. Haha...The aircon there was so cold & the hairStylist names were so cute too. Like garfield lah & ah beng. haha.. They massaged my hair till i wan 2 sleep so comfortable. hmm maybe later upload my new haircut to let u all see see. My fringe very short. Hmm..Really make me refresh after cutting hair. Tom dun know wan to tie my hair to bun anot?? But i dun tink so can bun coz very thin & i dun know how 2 bun?? Hmm... start to lead my own life without thinking so much buy what ever i like & do things watever i like. Dun need to see ppl's faces & do things.
YTd went chinatown with my mama & sisters. Wearing nursing uniform cant go shopping ah. So funnY meh??? Ppl see here, see there, like neber see missy go shopping ah!!! Nurses Not human meh, cant go buy clothes & see bags ah. I summore go buy bra leh...whaohahaha. okok enough of craps. Want to play games liao.
Friday, January 21, 2005

Today is hari raya haji!!! So sorry linG cant go chinablack with you ytd ah... sorry but u got karen & sinting to acc u mah. Haha.. we go before new Year bah. On? Hee.. coz after new year i will be working shift work liao. nOw i having "honeymoon" work. every day 0800-1630 hrs. so Can go hee.. after i got my pay first then can go. hahahaha.... Today i very guai stay at home & pack my room. I mean my pig room whoahahaHa. reallY threw a lot of paper bags, coz very dirty liao then like salt veg (in hokkien). Luckily i found the diamond pendant with the silver chain under my table otherwise i will be kill by my mother Liao. That a gift frm my ta yi. So cant lose it otherwise my head roll On the Floor. Hmm. today have to work. Somemore got Test. Wat assist Dr in ETT insertion & airway management bah. I tink so lah. Have to read up then can pass tom. Next weeK somemore got cannulation test, admin of IntraveNous medicine which In commonLy used My ward. PAin relief drugs or chemotherapy drugs. Tot of giving my patients chemo kills mi. Leakage of any chemo will coz harm to HUman's body so everytime give chemo must equipment like a alien. With the apron, gloves & mask on.!!! Hmm StrESS ah!!!! Tom still have to go chinAtown with mY mama. She want to buy new years goodies@@@ hee...can eat ah@@@@ Then i can go buy my clothes again liao.... No cash still can buy ah... nvm got Atm mah!! okok gotta get back to my studies liao. Tot no need to read after poly...Hmm so angry@@@ But Wat to Do??? Poor Me
Thursday, January 20, 2005

tiRed TirEd tired@@@@ So sleePy after gg back to work liao this week. So stress & tired. I tink i forgot what i learnt frm skol liao. Betta read up before the test. Hmm, gg to ward 45 the resp ward for clincal practice before gg back to my cancer aka onco ward to work. Lucky they sent me bk to the ward i previously worked in, Lucky me, pauline & huiru are gg to ot. wiSh them Luck. Miss tan aka Lizhen aso gg to work in SGH, but dun know which ward she is gg to work. Hope she choose the same ward with me then we can work together liao. Cant wait to be back in ward 48. Hmm sat have to go back to work too. Hai...poor me.... Just got the article from frenster paste here for u guys to see.

a GentleMan & a perFect BoyFriend

Guys should ALWAYS sent the girl home.. Most ofall GF..

Guys should NEVER make a Girl WAIT...

Guys should NEVER make empty promises.. The girlwill NEVER forget that u NEVER keep ur promise....

Guys should Learn to wear Jeans.. Its morepresentable.. Dun go around town wearing"Bermudas".. Or watever u call it manz..

Guys should ALWAYS pay for the girl when out on adate.. EVEN when ya not the girl's BF.. Its onlithe basic..

Guys should be MORE sensitive to a girl's feelings..

Guys should NEVER neglect their GF just becoz oftheir buddies..

Guys should ALWAYS BE THERE for their GF..

Guys should NEVER LIE.. coz the Girls r SMARTthese days..

Guys should ALWAYS be the BEST in everything.. Sothat the Girl can learn from u.. Yet DUn be TOooArrogant...

Guys should be MORE Patient and Understanding whenits the "time of the MOnth" for the Girls.. Theytend to haf MOOD SwIngs...

Guys should learn how to SHOW more AFFECTION totheir Love ones..

Guys should ALWAYS take the FIRST STep..

Guys should MAKE DECISIONS... Not say "dunno lar..or anithing larz.." Girls like guys who can makedecisions.. whether is where to eat or go or do..

Guys should Try to send their GF home from sch orwork if they haf the time despite the distance..Besides SG isn't very big..

Guys should learn NOT to be toooo Messy... in thethings they do..

Guys should learn to call and sms their GF anitimeof the day/nite.. Basically give their GF thesense of SECURITY.. tts wat girls want most fromtheir BF..

Guys should try to let their GF know where and wattheir doing all the time.. SO should their Girl..Guys should NEVER Flirt around too Much.. SG istoo small.. Everyone would know that ya aJErk..Girls can gossip quite alot..

Guys should learn to be more Passionate..

Guys should be SMART, Quickwilled and STRONGWILLED..Real Guys DO CRY.. they haf feelings too.. But dunCRY to Often.. Coz its NOT very manly.. Besides yabe known as a WIMP..

Guys should KNOW their GF likes and dislikes..

Guys should know their GF contact NumberSSsss byHeart...

Guys should never give excuses like- SOrry I fell asleep..- Sorry I was caught in a jam..- Sorry my hp went Low..- Opps.. I didn't know that..- Oh i forgot...

Guys should Never use phrases like- ya not angry r u? (when its OBVIOUSLY she is..)- I dun like it.. ( when u haven't even try )- I dun like them ( when u haven't even met them )

Guys should always TRY new things and learn to adapt..

Guys should ALWAYS make a good impression on theGirl's Parents..

Guys should know how to make their GF happy..

Guys should be DARING to meet ani of their GF'sfriends, blah blah...

Guys should never make their GF to beg for them todo this or that..

Guy should Learn to behave themselves at times..

Guys should be Fun, Talkative, Outgoing.. etc..

Guys should Never force their GF to do anithingthey dun want..

Guys should always FEEL like a girl when guys rwif their GF.. Girls like guys who can be theirbestfriend too.. Understanding.. etc..

Guys should always talk to their GF about theirmade-decisions.. and ask how to feel about it..

Guys should NEVER always expect a GIRL to tellthem WAT THEY DID WRONG.. when EVERYTHING was WRONG...

Guys should NEVER be Ignorant!

That the Truth i tell You whoever U are@@@@ That my view of guys nowadays liao. Starting 2 lose heart in guyS liao. But i am straight lo... not lesbian la....hahah....
Monday, January 17, 2005

Now i am damn tired after coming back from SGh. Today was my first day at work. First day work of the year. Totally stress Me out when i have to complete so many forms before 3 mths is up. Hmm... i got back to the ward i previously working. Not bad but dun know coz all the forms change liao, dun know can cope anot? abit stress now. This week is having lessons for the whole week.Luckily got off days at chinese new year but no half day at new year eve. Ok lah not bad lo. Hai... dun know what to write liao coz very tiring after attending lessons frm 8am to 430pm. especially when the weather is cool like today. I will tink sth that is silly & dun make any sense@@@@@@@@ Hai!!!!!!!
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Just Got back from The Nursing Board, went to get the offical cert for the Pledge. Good luck to mIss tan for thw interview for the gleneagles hospital & sgh. But better Get Sgh job so we can work together lah. Hee... But anyway Good Luck & all the best!! Acc Miss Tan taking the north east line then i have to go serangoon to change bus to go home. Tat SO good of me. Hee exactly noone at home lah lazy to go home so early lo. SO make used Of li zhen. Went to chinatown point for our coffee chat chit before gg home hee.... Very talkative of us.

Ytd was my big day. i had offically turned 21 ytd liao hahaha... Exactly shld have dinner with ling & hua. But ling had tution with her cousin so neber meet up. Maybe next week we are gg to have dinner but make appointment now with ling. She very very busy person u know. Hee let her see this one. Ling Jie DID u Hear Me Loud??? So met up with Serene at tiong bahru plaza for dinner. Went to eat sakae sushi. Hee Cant make it lah we two. Only can eat 12 plates of sushi. Hahaha... Really cant make it!!! Serene treat me to makan. Hee thanks Gal@@@ Then shop ard. Serene went to get her body shop cream then i got oil blotters frm there too... We wanted to watch tv so went home at ard nine plus. We meeting up tis sat to go buy clothes again!! Hehe...YTd night was tossing ard in my bed, kept thinking & thinking wat i am to do? Really in dilemma now. hai..Ling gg to scold me liao.

Now searching my medical dict for the medication, also searching for new blog skin & new songs . Aso saving $$ for my fossil watch hee... saw one that i really liked.... Maybe can buy when i got my pay. Really stress with the starting of work next week. hope EVerything go okay ??? ReaLLY pray hard !!!
Stress Up
Monday, January 10, 2005

My Auntie gave this pendant to me

My cousins gave this to me

I startIng Work Soon Liao LE Wo De Ma ah...So Stress Up right now. Dun Know wat to prepare, dun even know where i will heading? Hope I get back the ward that i want. Cancer Ward Here I come. Coz nO point gg to other places that i am not familiar with. Coz have to start all over again. Knowing NEw frens, building up relationships with the nurses & sisters too. Wat the POint? Hai... Had a great time last week
On Sat went celebrating my bday at my ah ma house at eunos. Hee celebrated 2 times ah. ONce with my frens & once with mY family. Had a great time, everyone were toking non-stop.Younger cousins were running here & there lo. Received alot of gifts ah. Thanks alot gals. My cousins gave me a espirt watch that was very nice. Received 3 gold chains. OMG. Then recieved a fila bag from MY uncle's gf.Then got hongbaos lah. Like chinese New YEar. I dun even know i got the leave for New year day anot? So poor thing have to work lah.Maybe can celebrate with my patients ah? hEe. My sister gave me LEvi voucher haha.can buy jeans liao. Why she neber gave me eariler then i dun need to pay so much liao le for my jeans the last time. My mother said she bought for me the braclet at Lee Hwa whoahaha.
Then ytd went heeren to buy clothes again. Haha...shopping with my sisters & cousins too. Went to converse to choose shoes lah my little sister wan to buy. Wah she took a long time to choose. ah. till she neber bought any ah. Then mY cousin bought a tube top that can be wore as skirt or tube at AM/PM. Then the other cousin bought 2 tops frm topShop. I Bought a top frm Little Match Gal. My sister Bought hers at Surf Bay.then My 2nd sister bought a bag frm AdaIas. Hee..I will be gg to buy again when i go out again. Have to rest this few days liao. I will gg To NHC headquarters on wed...takingmy name tag & shoes. Have to diet liao otherwise i cant wear my uniform liao. Hee.. So poor thing. Well Ling i Meet u on wed after work then we go makan ok?
Thursday, January 06, 2005

Whoa tink i gg to die soon or later liao le? Dying of boring life. Anyone Heard of that before. But Have to really enjoy coz i starting work soon.Not yet heard where i will be gg to work at which ward? So xin ku coz i am so anxious. Ok ok enough of my complain liao.
Ytd went to Nursing Board near SGH to pay for my license. Whoa so ex cost mi a 100 bucks for mY Nursing license. So my heart ache when i paid. Ever heard of paying by nets dun need to pay extra 2 dollars but if pay by cash u need to pay extra more. Kaozzzz Luckily The malay auntie at the front table helped us to pay by using her nets. Then we gave her our $$ lo. So toopid that i had to queue up to withdraw $$ then need to pay by nEts. Then after tAt went to Bugis To have our lunch lo. Then walked to buy cds from China. Hee..Not i buy is miss Tan LIzhen Buy one.@ Then walked all the way to bras basah to laminate our license. then Walked back to bugis. Totally Toopid of us to walk here & there lo. Hee. Anyway went to buy things from mPhosis. Time To Spent on clothes liao. Then Went GG5 to try clothes lo. But never buy coz if i bought the pants dun know wat to wear on top. So therefore dun buy lo. Then went home After that coz miss Tan need to work lo.
Hai..Feeling boring ah@@@@

Monday, January 03, 2005

Hee change my blogskin, music & add a chatter box from ling. Totally Love this song. Coz is sang by Yan Cheng Xu. Cant really get the song that i really want. Xiang Yao ai Ni or Yi Gong Chi. The 2 songs that i love alot. Hmm just got back from Eunos went to bank in my money.So many Ppl. Sorry Xin Hua cant go jb with u tom coz gg malaysia with my papa & mama. So sorry@@ Now must get back to my game now. See Ya@

Hee change my blogskin, music & add a chatter box from ling. Totally Love this song. Coz is sang by Yan Cheng Xu. Cant really get the song that i really want. Xiang Yao ai Ni or Yi Gong Chi. The 2 songs that i love alot. Hmm just got back from Eunos went to bank in my money.So many Ppl. Sorry Xin Hua cant go jb with u tom coz gg malaysia with my papa & mama. So sorry@@ Now must get back to my game now. See Ya@
Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year To mY frens Out there!!! Whoa Haha... Wat a way to start the year@@ Ytd also have to work. But luckily Serene came down to acc mi then she went suntec to buy Subway for mi & her to makan. So sorry coz cant acc u to buy@ Then after eating she hav to sit there as i have to entertain ppl lah.After My boss Joanne came, serene say she want to go home liao le. So Gulit of me just to let her go home alone. But i ask her to stay coz maybe after work i might go countdown with Xin Hua & kl. But she said she tired liao want to go home ZZzz. So tat Bad@ After helping joan to pack up Went to heeren To wait for my sister. While the traffic there was so empty even the uncle ask where are the ppl? Really every little Ppl in heeren but alot of ppl outside of HeerEn le@ Later after that went to esplande to meet my cousin but she went home so ask hua where is she? She at citylink so wait for her at esplande. Very diffcult to meet her as there were a lot of ppl there liao. Have to keep in contact by Hp. There were no fireworks as we hav to mourn for the ppl who died in the natural Diaster. So sad for the ppl over there. After the CountdOwn went home as my father came to fetch us. Stay up quite late ytd as was watching brad pitt & tom Cruise in the Movie InterView with the Vampire. I loved the Movie alot. EVen went to borrow the book from the library to read. Anyway Happy New Year@@@