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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Degree classes just started last weekend...Stress arising when class started on last sat...Having 4 days classes last day of class have health assessment test. stress over classes... woke up at 4 plus in the mrng though i slept ard 12am. Woke up early to meet karen for breakfast, a cup of coffee from dearest mama every mrng wakes me up.

Having Class at SGh health promtion...Does nt feel nice...having class at the same place tat we are working..Nt nice coz we don knw wat to makan for lunch. Sian...

4 days of classes stuck together really makes me feel stress as i had nt touch a textbook for 5 years after Poly Grad..

Ytd we did manage to pass our health assessment Practical Test with Good results although it consists of 25% of the whole paper. The 2 lecturers are nice and good ...Really like them. Need to rush the assignment paper but i stuck on the 1st question liao le. Fri got 3 hours examination papers at home with open book... StreSS...

trying to relieve stress by watching Jap drama..bought My handsome butler And 33 min of crime..Gg to start watching.

Tom need to go back to NYp to get my textbook though. Sian